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Dawn of The Planet full movie download in Hindi

Dawn of The Planet Movie Free Download in 480p, 720p & 1080p Full Movie Download Free Dawn of The Planet full movie download 480p, 7200p & 1080p in small size single direct link

Dawn of The Planet Movie Overview

The Dawn of the Planet Movie is a science fiction action-adventure film that was released on September 15, 2011. It was directed by Roland Emmerich and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover. The movie is about an expedition to discover a new planet. After their ship is damaged, they crash land on a strange planet. They meet a friendly alien who tells them about his home world.

Release date: July 11, 2014 (USA)
Director: Matt Reeves
Film series: Planet of the Apes reboot series
Box office: 710.6 million USD
Adapted from: Planet of the Apes
Budget: 170 million USD

Dawn of The Planet Movie Cast List

  • Andy Serkis Andy Serkis … Caesar
  • Jason Clarke Jason Clarke … Malcolm
  • Gary Oldman Gary Oldman … Dreyfus
  • Keri Russell Keri Russell … Ellie
  • Toby Kebbell Toby Kebbell … Koba
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee Kodi Smit-McPhee … Alexander
  • Kirk Acevedo Kirk Acevedo … Carver
  • Nick Thurston Nick Thurston … Blue Eyes
  • Terry Notary Terry Notary … Rocket
  • Karin Konoval Karin Konoval … Maurice
  • Judy Greer Judy Greer … Cornelia
  • Jon Eyez Jon Eyez … Foster
  • Enrique Murciano Enrique Murciano … Kemp
  • Larramie Doc Shaw Larramie Doc Shaw … Ash (as Doc Shaw)
  • Lee Ross Lee Ross … Grey
  • Keir O’Donnell Keir O’Donnell … Finney
  • Kevin Rankin Kevin Rankin … McVeigh
  • Jocko Sims Jocko Sims … Werner
  • Al Vicente Al Vicente … Manone
  • Matthew James Matthew James … Man 2 (as Matt James)
  • Richard King Richard King … Stone
  • Scott Lang Scott Lang … Luca (as Scott Alexander Lang)
  • Deneen Tyler Deneen Tyler … Woman
  • Mustafa Harris Mustafa Harris … Officer
  • Lombardo Boyar Lombardo Boyar … Terry
  • Mike Seal Mike Seal … Driver
  • JD Evermore JD Evermore … Sniper (as J.D. Evermore)
  • Chase Boltin Chase Boltin … Recruit
  • Michael Papajohn Michael Papajohn … Cannon-Gunner
  • Thomas Rosales Jr. Thomas Rosales Jr. … Old Man (as Tommy Rosales Jr.)
  • Carol Sutton Carol Sutton … Old Woman
  • Christopher Berry Christopher Berry … Gun-Clinching Man
  • Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
  • Andrea Vittoria Alvarado Andrea Vittoria Alvarado … Human Colony Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Monica Rene’e Anderson Monica Rene’e Anderson … Captured Human (uncredited)
  • John L. Armijo John L. Armijo … Dreyfus’ Officer (uncredited)
  • Jon Arthur Jon Arthur … Armed Sentry / Dreyfus Officer (uncredited)
  • Blake Nelson Boyd Blake Nelson Boyd … Human Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • Joe Bravo Joe Bravo … City Hall Colonist (uncredited)
  • Luke Burnyeat Luke Burnyeat … Survivor (uncredited)
  • Hélène Cardona Hélène Cardona … Newscaster (voice) (uncredited)
  • Edward J. Clare Edward J. Clare … Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Duane Cothren Duane Cothren … Armed Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Kurt Cotton Kurt Cotton … Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • Steve D’Assis Steve D’Assis … Survivor (uncredited)
  • Tommy Dallace Tommy Dallace … Nero (uncredited)
  • Jesse N. Davis Jesse N. Davis … Armed Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Michelle DeVito Michelle DeVito … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Santana Draper Santana Draper … Human Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Diana Durango Diana Durango … Colonist (uncredited)
  • Neil Durr Neil Durr … Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Jazzy Ellis Jazzy Ellis … Human Colony (uncredited)
  • Joseph Fischer Joseph Fischer … Dreyfus Man (uncredited)
  • James Franco James Franco … Will Rodman (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • Geraldine Glenn Geraldine Glenn … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Steve M. Hammond Steve M. Hammond … Dreyfus’ Soldier (uncredited)
  • Jimi Harper Jimi Harper … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Monica R. Harris Monica R. Harris … Human Colony (uncredited)
  • Jackie Jenkins Jr. Jackie Jenkins Jr. … Glue (uncredited)
  • Lucky Johnson Lucky Johnson … Rationer (uncredited)
  • Allyson Leigh Jordan Allyson Leigh Jordan … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Sergio Kato Sergio Kato … Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • Angela Kerecz Angela Kerecz … Captured Human (uncredited)
  • Bobby Kerecz Bobby Kerecz … Captured Human (uncredited)
  • Anthony A. Kung Anthony A. Kung … Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Richie J. Ladner Richie J. Ladner … City Hall Colonist (uncredited)
  • Cynthia LeBlanc Cynthia LeBlanc … Kissing Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Nicholas Leonard Nicholas Leonard … Human Colony (uncredited)
  • John R Mangus John R Mangus … Dreyfus Officer (uncredited)
  • Ken Massey Ken Massey … Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • Jacqueline Harris Matherne Jacqueline Harris Matherne … Human Captive (uncredited)
  • Kevonte Mcdonald Kevonte Mcdonald … Human (uncredited)
  • Mahal Montoya Mahal Montoya … City Hall Colonist (uncredited)
  • Mike R. Moreau Mike R. Moreau … Human Survivor (Courthouse) (uncredited)
  • Rebekah Jean Morgan Rebekah Jean Morgan … Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Barack Obama Barack Obama … Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • John Parsons John Parsons … Human Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Timothy Pickles Timothy Pickles … Human Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Mel Powell Mel Powell … Driver (uncredited)
  • Gus Rhodes Gus Rhodes … Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • Edwin Richardson Edwin Richardson … Human colonist (uncredited)
  • Ryan Daniel Rodriguez Ryan Daniel Rodriguez … Armed Colony Member (uncredited)
  • Carl Schreiber Carl Schreiber … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Kerry Sims Kerry Sims … Dreyfus Officer (uncredited)
  • Valerie Strecker Valerie Strecker … Dreyfus Officer (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Sweetwater Jimmy Sweetwater … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Joseph Uzzell Joseph Uzzell … Armed Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Lee Vang Lee Vang … Human Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • M. Jearl Vinot M. Jearl Vinot … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Peyton Wich Peyton Wich … Human Colony (uncredited)
  • Steven Wiig Steven Wiig … Human Colony Survivor (uncredited)
  • Douglas Wilcox II Douglas Wilcox II … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Caleb Wiley Caleb Wiley … Human Colonist (uncredited)
  • Timothy Wyant Timothy Wyant … Attacked First Running Colonist (uncredited)
  • Lynnanne Zager Lynnanne Zager … Newscaster (voice) (uncredited)
  • Ahmed Zakzouk Ahmed Zakzouk … Human (uncredited)

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