El Hilo Rojo 2016 Movie Download

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El Hilo Rojo Movie Overview

The film begins with a prologue, in which the narrator explains that the story is based on the experiences of two people: the boy named El Hilo Rojo and the girl named Tita. The narrator then tells us that these two are very different, but they share an intimate bond. In the prologue, we see the boy and girl’s first meeting. They are both riding horses, and as they get closer they begin to fall in love.

Directed by
Julio Urdaneta Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Andrei Gromyko
Julio Urdaneta
Produced by
Karime Rahme … executive producer
Omar Villasmil …
producerMusic by
Alfredo Romero
Cinematography by
Fernando Moreno
Film Editing by
Julio Urdaneta
Art Direction by
Clarisa Benmamán

El Hilo Rojo Movie Cast List

  • Andrei Gromyko Andrei Gromyko … Thomas
  • Eliane Chipia Eliane Chipia … Sara
  • Hugo Díaz Hugo Díaz … Alex
  • Jean Fajardo Jean Fajardo … Ronald
  • Andrea Rodríguez Andrea Rodríguez … Laura
  • Jean Ruiz Jean Ruiz … Carlos
  • Abril Montemar Abril Montemar … Isabella
  • Sergio Spagnol Sergio Spagnol … Thomas (young)
  • Antonella Montaruli Antonella Montaruli … Sara (young)
  • Paubla Rojas Paubla Rojas … Friend #1
  • Genesis Guillen Genesis Guillen … Friend #2
  • Samanta Marquina Samanta Marquina … Classmate #1
  • Susana Soto Susana Soto … Classmate #2
  • Miguel Tatá Miguel Tatá … Classmate #3
  • Angely García Angely García … Classmate #4
  • Juan A. Contreras Juan A. Contreras … Classmate #5
  • Gabriela Contini Gabriela Contini … Classmate #6
  • Lilian Chamcedine Lilian Chamcedine … Classmate #7
  • Leroy Rodríguez Leroy Rodríguez … Classmate #8
  • Lonardy Moncada Lonardy Moncada … Man

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