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Sleepy hollow movie download in tamil

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Sleepy hollow Movie Overview

Sleepy Hollow is an upcoming American horror film directed by Tim Burton and written by Nicole Perlman. It is a production of Warner Bros. Pictures and is based on the 1999 WB television series of the same name. The film stars Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tom Mison. In 1814, Ichabod Crane (Depp) arrives in Sleepy Hollow to investigate reports of a ghostly rider seen near the town. He teams up with Katrina Van Tassel (Ricci), an orphaned schoolteacher who has recently lost her father; Constable George Miller (Mison), a corrupt lawman; and Lt. Abbie Mills (Pfeiffer), an Army officer searching for her brother who went missing in the war.

Release date: November 17, 1999 (USA)
Director: Tim Burton
Box office: 207 million USD
Budget: 70 million USD
Awards: Satellite Award for Best Original Score, MORE

Sleepy hollow Movie Cast List

  • Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane: Crane is a quirky, yet sympathetic constable infatuated with integrating modern science into police procedures (early forensic science), but is very squeamish at the sight of blood and bugs.
  • Christina Ricci as Katrina Van Tassel: Ichabod’s love interest and the only heir to one of the town’s richest farmers. Ricci described her character as “a princess-y character, very one-sided, no emotional depth.”[6]
  • Miranda Richardson as Lady Mary Van Tassel (née Archer; she falsely uses “Preston” as her maiden name): The aloof wife of Baltus and stepmother of Katrina, who is revealed to be a vengeful witch. Richardson also portrays the Crone Witch, Lady Van Tassel’s sister.
  • Michael Gambon as Baltus Van Tassel: Katrina’s father. After Peter Van Garrett is murdered, he is placed as the leader of the town.[citation needed]
  • Casper Van Dien as Brom Van Brunt: A strong and arrogant aristocratic man who is romantically involved with Katrina.
  • Jeffrey Jones as Reverend Steenwyck: The austere, corrupt town pastor.
  • Christopher Lee as the Burgomaster.
  • Richard Griffiths as Magistrate Samuel Philipse: The drunken town magistrate.
  • Ian McDiarmid as Dr. Thomas Lancaster: The town doctor and surgeon.
  • Michael Gough as Notary James Hardenbrook: The wizened, cowardly town banker.
  • Marc Pickering as Young Masbath: An orphan who looks towards Ichabod as a father figure after his father is slain by the Horseman.
  • Lisa Marie as Lady Crane (in flashbacks): Ichabod’s mother who practiced benign witchcraft, for which she was killed by her strict religious husband.
  • Steven Waddington as Mr. Killian
  • Christopher Walken and Ray Park as the Headless Horseman: A brutal and sadistic Hessian mercenary sent to America during the American Revolutionary War who loses his head during battle. Walken portrays the Hessian while Park performs the Headless Horseman.
  • Claire Skinner as Beth Killian: The town midwife.
  • Alun Armstrong as the High Constable
  • Mark Spalding as Jonathan Masbath
  • Jessica Oyelowo as Sarah
  • Tony Maudsley as Van Ripper
  • Peter Guinness as Lord Crane (in flashbacks): Ichabod’s devoutly religious father who tortured and killed his wife for practicing witchcraft.
  • Sean Stephens as Thomas Killian

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