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The Man From Uncle movie download in Hindi

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The Man From Uncle Movie Overview

The Man From Uncle Movie Overview.
Written by: Kimberley Smith.

Few movie genres are as unique and quirky as buddy comedy. They typically involve two unlikely characters who form an unlikely alliance, and often result in hilarity and sometimes even heartwarming moments. The Man From Uncle is a classic buddy comedy, and it’s one of the best examples out there.

The story follows Raymond (Peter Sellers), an unassuming man who has been living with his uncle since his parents died. His uncle is a senile old man, and Raymond is reluctant to take care of him. One day, however, Raymond’s uncle dies, leaving him with a lot of unanswered questions about his past.

Release date: August 14, 2015 (United Kingdom)
Director: Guy Ritchie
Box office: 107 million USD
Casting director: Reg Poerscout-Edgerton
Cinematography: John Mathieson
Art directors: Toby Britton, James Hambidge, Kate Grimble, David Allday, Guy Bradley, Remo Tozzi, Riccardo Monti

The Man From Uncle Movie Cast List

  • Henry Cavill Henry Cavill … Solo
  • Armie Hammer Armie Hammer … Illya
  • Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander … Gaby
  • Elizabeth Debicki Elizabeth Debicki … Victoria
  • Luca Calvani Luca Calvani … Alexander
  • Sylvester Groth Sylvester Groth … Uncle Rudi
  • Hugh Grant Hugh Grant … Waverly
  • Jared Harris Jared Harris … Sanders
  • Christian Berkel Christian Berkel … Udo
  • Misha Kuznetsov Misha Kuznetsov … Oleg
  • Guy Williams Guy Williams … Captain Smith
  • Marianna Di Martino Marianna Di Martino … Desk Clerk
  • Julian Michael Deuster Julian Michael Deuster … Assistant
  • Andrea Cagliesi Andrea Cagliesi … Fishing Captain
  • Riccardo Calvanese Riccardo Calvanese … Man 2
  • Peter Stark Peter Stark … Guard (Checkpoint)
  • David Menkin David Menkin … Jones
  • Pablo Scola Pablo Scola … Harbourmaster
  • Harry Taurasi Harry Taurasi … Mechanic (as Cesare Taurasi)
  • Riccardo Flammini Riccardo Flammini … Man 1
  • Francesco De Vito Francesco De Vito … Night Manager
  • Luca Della Valle Luca Della Valle … Security Guard
  • Simona Caparrini Simona Caparrini … Contessa
  • David Beckham David Beckham … Projectionist
  • Alexander Ananasso Alexander Ananasso … Italian Guard (as Alessandro Ananasso)
  • Joana Metrass Joana Metrass … Victoria’s Assistant
  • Gabriel Lo Giudice Gabriel Lo Giudice … Italian Playboy 1 (as Gabriel Farnese)
  • Elbio Bonsaglio Elbio Bonsaglio … Italian Playboy 2
  • Michael Peluso Michael Peluso … Italian Playboy 3
  • Alan Turkington Alan Turkington … Lead Policeman
  • Sergio Marini Sergio Marini … Guard

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