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Rush Hour Movie Overview

In this Rush Hour Movie Overview, we will be discussing the film in depth and its key points. The movie is set in Los Angeles during rush hour, and sees two police officers (Chris Tucker and Channing Tatum) fighting their way through traffic to catch a criminal.

The film was released in 2000 and was a big success at the box office. It has since been remade twice, with both versions being much more successful than the original. The first remake was released in 2006 and starred Justin Theroux, Eddie Murphy, and Ben Kingsley. The second remake was released in 2014 and starred Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Kevin Hart, and John Cusack.

Overall, the Rush Hour Movie Overview is a great overview of the film and its key points.

Release date: September 18, 1998 (USA)
Director: Brett Ratner
Box office: 244.4 million USD
Art director: Thomas Fichter
Awards: MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Duo, Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Duo – Action/Adventure
Nominations: MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Fight, MORE

Rush Hour Movie Cast List

  • Ken Leung Ken Leung … Sang
  • Jackie Chan Jackie Chan … Lee
  • Tom Wilkinson Tom Wilkinson … Griffin / Juntao
  • Tzi Ma Tzi Ma … Consul Han
  • Robert Littman Robert Littman … First Caucasian
  • Michael Chow Michael Chow … Dinner Guest
  • Julia Hsu Julia Hsu … Soo Yung
  • Chris Tucker Chris Tucker … Carter
  • Chris Penn Chris Penn … Clive
  • Kai Lennox Kai Lennox … Cop at Diner
  • Larry Sullivan Larry Sullivan … Cop at Diner (as Larry Sullivan Jr.)
  • Yang Lin Yang Lin … Consul Secretary (as Yan Lin)
  • Roger Fan Roger Fan … Soo Yung’s Bodyguard
  • George Cheung George Cheung … Soo Yung’s Driver
  • Lucy Lin Lucy Lin … Exposition Official
  • Rex Linn Rex Linn … Agent Whitney
  • Mark Rolston Mark Rolston … Agent Russ
  • Elizabeth Peña Elizabeth Peña … Johnson
  • Philip Baker Hall Philip Baker Hall … Captain Diel
  • Jason Davis Jason Davis … Kid at Theatre
  • John Hawkes John Hawkes … Stucky
  • Gene LeBell Gene LeBell … Taxi Driver (as Jean Lebell)
  • Wayne King Wayne King … Cigaweed Man (as Wayne A. King)
  • Manny Perry Manny Perry … Bartender
  • Kevin L. Jackson Kevin L. Jackson … Pool Player (as Kevin Jackson)
  • Ronald D. Brown Ronald D. Brown … Pool Hall Doorman
  • Clifton Powell Clifton Powell … Luke
  • Matthew Barry Matthew Barry … Market Clerk (as Matt Barry)
  • Stanley DeSantis Stanley DeSantis … FBI Gate Guard #1
  • Dan Martin Dan Martin … FBI Gate Guard #2
  • Kevin Lowe Kevin Lowe … Another Agent
  • Billy Devlin Billy Devlin … FBI Agent at Building
  • Tommy Bush Tommy Bush … Bomb Practice Sergeant
  • Barry Shabaka Henley Barry Shabaka Henley … Bobby
  • Albert Wong Albert Wong … Chin
  • Ai Wan Ai Wan … Foo Chow Hostess
  • Lydia Look Lydia Look … Foo Chow Waitress
  • Sumiko ‘Osumi’ Yahagi Sumiko ‘Osumi’ Yahagi … Japanese Tourist (as Sumiko ‘Osumi’ Chan)
  • Man-Ching Chan Man-Ching Chan … Japanese Tourist / Juntao’s Man (as Man Ching Chan)
  • Ken Lo Ken Lo … Juntao’s Man (as Kenneth Houi Kang Low)
  • Stuart W. Yee Stuart W. Yee … Juntao’s Man (as Stuart Yee)
  • Chung-Chi Li Chung-Chi Li … Juntao’s Man (as Nicky Chung Chi Li)
  • Andy Cheng Andy Cheng … Juntao’s Man (as Andy Kai Chung Cheng)
  • Christine Ng Christine Ng … Flight Attendant #1 (as Christine Ng Wing Mei)
  • Frances Fong Frances Fong … Socialite
  • Robert Kotecki Robert Kotecki … Convention Center Agent
  • Mike Ashley Mike Ashley … Male Fight Attendant
  • Ada Tai Ada Tai … Flight Attendant #2
  • Arlene Tai Arlene Tai … Flight Attendant #3

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