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Warcraft hindi dubbed movie download

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Warcraft Movie Overview

Warcraft is one of the most popular video games of all time. Now, a movie based on the game is in development and it has generated a lot of excitement. This article provides an overview of the Warcraft movie so that you can learn more about it.

The Warcraft movie will be released in 2020 and it is being produced by Legendary Pictures. The film will be released worldwide and it will be directed by Duncan Jones. It has been stated that the Warcraft movie will be based on the original World of Warcraft game series. The story line for the movie is still being developed, but it is expected to follow a young man who joins forces with other adventurers in order to save his planet from an evil force.

Release date: June 8, 2016 (China)
Director: Duncan Jones
Box office: 439 million USD
Budget: 160 million USD
Nominations: Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Character Animation in a Live Action Production
Art directors: Iain McCaig, Margot Ready, Dan Hermansen, Grant Van Der Slagt, Helen Jarvis, William Ladd Skinner

Warcraft Movie Cast List

  • Travis Fimmel Travis Fimmel … Anduin Lothar
  • Paula Patton Paula Patton … Garona
  • Ben Foster Ben Foster … Medivh
  • Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper … Llane Wrynn
  • Toby Kebbell Toby Kebbell … Durotan / Antonidas
  • Ben Schnetzer Ben Schnetzer … Khadgar
  • Robert Kazinsky Robert Kazinsky … Orgrim
  • Clancy Brown Clancy Brown … Blackhand
  • Daniel Wu Daniel Wu … Gul’dan
  • Ruth Negga Ruth Negga … Lady Taria
  • Anna Galvin Anna Galvin … Draka
  • Callum Keith Rennie Callum Keith Rennie … Moroes
  • Burkely Duffield Burkely Duffield … Callan
  • Ryan Robbins Ryan Robbins … Karos
  • Dean Redman Dean Redman … Varis / Caged Frostwolf
  • Glenn Ennis Glenn Ennis … Compound Guard
  • Terry Notary Terry Notary … Peon
  • Elena Wurlitzer Elena Wurlitzer … Draenei Mother
  • Michael Adamthwaite Michael Adamthwaite … King Magni
  • Anna Van Hooft Anna Van Hooft … Aloman
  • Callan Mulvey Callan Mulvey … Warrior
  • Adrian Glynn McMorran Adrian Glynn McMorran … Officer (as Adrian McMorran)
  • Kyle Rideout Kyle Rideout … Officer
  • Michael Antonakos Michael Antonakos … Officer
  • Elisabeth Rosen Elisabeth Rosen … Westfall Woman
  • Patrick Sabongui Patrick Sabongui … Footman
  • Kent O’Connor Kent O’Connor … Footman
  • Wesley MacInnes Wesley MacInnes … Gate Guard
  • Mackenzie Gray Mackenzie Gray … Lordaerian Delegate
  • Christian Sloan Christian Sloan … Elf Delegate
  • Valérie Wiseman Valérie Wiseman … Kul Tiran Delegate
  • Dan Payne Dan Payne … Clansmen
  • Eugene Lipinski Eugene Lipinski … Finden
  • Christina Jastrzembska Christina Jastrzembska … Archmage
  • Travis MacDonald Travis MacDonald … Prison Mage

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