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Dracula Untold Movie Overview

The new Dracula Untold movie will be released in theaters on November 12th. The film is directed by Gary Shore and stars Luke Evans as Count Dracula. This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker. The story follows Vlad the Impaler, who is asked to lead a army against the Ottoman Turks. However, he soon finds himself consumed with bloodlust and begins to drink from humans instead of killing them. Eventually, he becomes known as Dracula and starts to terrorize Europe. In the end, he is finally killed by a group of monks.

This new Dracula Untold movie looks to be an exciting addition to the vampire genre. Evans stars as Count Dracula and looks to bring his characteristic intensity to the role. Shore has done a great job of creating a faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel while also adding some his own unique touches.

Release date: October 10, 2014 (USA)
Director: Gary Shore
Box office: 217.1 million USD
Budget: 70 million USD
Nominations: People’s Choice Award for Favorite Thriller Movie
Art directors: Paul Inglis, Luigi Marchione, Elaine Kusmishko, Heather Greenlees, Michael Turner, David Doran

Dracula Untold Movie Cast List

  • Luke Evans Luke Evans … Vlad
  • Sarah Gadon Sarah Gadon … Mirena
  • Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper … Mehmed
  • Art Parkinson Art Parkinson … Ingeras
  • Charles Dance Charles Dance … Master Vampire
  • Diarmaid Murtagh Diarmaid Murtagh … Dumitru
  • Paul Kaye Paul Kaye … Brother Lucian
  • William Houston William Houston … Cazan
  • Noah Huntley Noah Huntley … Captain Petru
  • Ronan Vibert Ronan Vibert … Simion
  • Zach McGowan Zach McGowan … Shkelgim
  • Ferdinand Kingsley Ferdinand Kingsley … Hamza Bey
  • Joseph Long Joseph Long … General Omer
  • Thor Kristjansson Thor Kristjansson … Bright Eyes
  • Jakub Gierszal Jakub Gierszal … Acemi
  • Joe Benjamin Joe Benjamin … Mihai
  • Paul Bullion Paul Bullion … Nicolae
  • Mish Boyko Mish Boyko … Andrei
  • Dilan Gwyn Dilan Gwyn … Governess
  • Arkie Reece Arkie Reece … General Ismail
  • Phil Zimmerman Phil Zimmerman … Mihai’s Father
  • Dominic Borrelli Dominic Borrelli … Wealthy Boyar
  • Tom Benedict Knight Tom Benedict Knight … Turkish General
  • Paul Casar Paul Casar … Intrigued Boyar
  • Stavros Demetraki Stavros Demetraki … Mehmed’s Adjutant
  • Ruth Baxter Ruth Baxter … Mirena’s Handmaiden
  • Rachel Kennedy Rachel Kennedy … Mirena’s Handmaiden
  • Louise Parker Louise Parker … Mirena’s Handmaiden
  • Glen Barry Glen Barry … Lucian’s Monk
  • Shane McCaffrey Shane McCaffrey … Lucian’s Monk
  • Gary Whelan Gary Whelan … Lucian’s Monk
  • Guillaume Meliot Guillaume Meliot … Omer’s Adjutant
  • Jason Coalter Jason Coalter … Vlad’s Castle Guard
  • John Friel John Friel … Vlad’s Castle Guard
  • Cole Currin Cole Currin … Vlad Castle Guard
  • Andrew Laverty Andrew Laverty … Vlad’s Castle Guard
  • Matthew Åkerfeldt Matthew Åkerfeldt … Vlad Soldier
  • Eugene Furphy Eugene Furphy … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Chris Cherry Chris Cherry … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Graham Hutton Graham Hutton … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Chris Keenan Chris Keenan … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Ross Moneypenny Ross Moneypenny … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Joe Kelly Jr. Joe Kelly Jr. … Vlad’s Soldier (as Joe Kelly)
  • Bobby Marno Bobby Marno … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Phil McKee Phil McKee … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Darren McMullan Darren McMullan … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Andrew McQuade Andrew McQuade … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Connor Schelling-Tisza Connor Schelling-Tisza … Vlad’s Soldier
  • Graham Cave Graham Cave … Boyar Man
  • Norman Coates Norman Coates … Boyar Man
  • Xander Duffy Xander Duffy … Boyar Man
  • Tyrone Kearns Tyrone Kearns … Boyar Man
  • Gordon Bell Gordon Bell … Boyar Man
  • Al Geddes Al Geddes … Boyar Man
  • Arthur Halligey Arthur Halligey … Boyar Man
  • Paul Kavanagh Paul Kavanagh … Boyar Man
  • Derek Mayne Derek Mayne … Boyar Man
  • Gavin McCormick Gavin McCormick … Boyar Man
  • Paul Monahan Paul Monahan … Boyar Man
  • Jeffrey O’Brien Jeffrey O’Brien … Boyar Man
  • Charlene Gleeson Charlene Gleeson … Lady of the Court
  • Ann O’Connor Ann O’Connor … Lady of the Court
  • Gretta Shore Gretta Shore … Lady of the Court
  • Orlaith Shore Orlaith Shore … Lady of the Court
  • Penelope Simmons Penelope Simmons … Lady of the Court
  • Hunter Stratton Boland Hunter Stratton Boland … Child of the Court (as Hunter Boland)
  • Maria Laird Maria Laird … Child of the Court
  • Aodhan McGowan Aodhan McGowan … Child of the Court

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