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Hostel movie download in hindi

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Hostel Movie Overview

  1. Hostel is a 2009 American horror comedy film directed by Eli Roth and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The film stars Josh Hartnett, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Thora Birch and Mila Kunis.
  2. The plot follows three friends who travel to Europe to party but quickly find themselves in over their heads when they’re forced to room with a group of strangers in a cheap hostel.
  3. The film was released on August 17, 2009 and received generally negative reviews from critics, although it has been praised for its gore and humor. However, it failed to gross much at the box office.
  4. It has since become a cult classic and has been remade in several different countries, including Brazil, Colombia, India, Poland and Thailand.

Release date: January 6, 2006 (USA)
Director: Eli Roth
Film series: Hostel
Box office: 82 million USD
Art director: David Baxa
Nominations: MTV Movie & TV Award for Most Frightened Performance, MORE

Hostel Movie Cast List

  • Jay Hernandez Jay Hernandez … Paxton
  • Derek Richardson Derek Richardson … Josh
  • Eythor Gudjonsson Eythor Gudjonsson … Oli
  • Barbara Nedeljakova Barbara Nedeljakova … Natalya
  • Jan Vlasák Jan Vlasák … The Dutch Businessman
  • Jana Kaderabkova Jana Kaderabkova … Svetlana
  • Jennifer Lim Jennifer Lim … Kana
  • Keiko Seiko Keiko Seiko … Yuki
  • Lubomír Bukový Lubomír Bukový … Alex (as Lubomir Bukovy)
  • Jana Havlickova Jana Havlickova … Vala
  • Rick Hoffman Rick Hoffman … The American Client
  • Petr Janis Petr Janis … The German Surgeon
  • Takashi Miike Takashi Miike … Miike Takashi
  • Patrik Zigo Patrik Zigo … Bubble Gum Gang Leader (as Zigo Patrik)
  • Milda Jedi Havlas Milda Jedi Havlas … Desk Clerk Jedi
  • Martin Kubacák Martin Kubacák … The Scarred Cab Driver
  • Miroslav Táborský Miroslav Táborský … The Friendly Police Officer
  • Paula Wild Paula Wild … Monique
  • Vladimír Silhavecký Vladimír Silhavecký … Yuri
  • Barbora Oboznenková Barbora Oboznenková … Disco Girl
  • Daniel Frisch Daniel Frisch … Fanny Pack Man
  • Radomil Uhlir Radomil Uhlir … The Stoned Manager
  • Jan Spanbauer Jan Spanbauer … Jacket Man
  • Mirek Navratil Mirek Navratil … Dutch Bouncer
  • Vanessa Jungova Vanessa Jungova … Saskia
  • Katerina Vomelova Katerina Vomelova … Dominique
  • Lubos Vinicky Lubos Vinicky … Angry Dutch Elf
  • Petr Sedlácek Petr Sedlácek … The Toothless Cab Driver
  • Drahoslav Herzan Drahoslav Herzan … Bob
  • Daniela Bakerová Daniela Bakerová … Older Woman
  • Martina Kralickova Martina Kralickova … Pretty Woman
  • Ota Filip Ota Filip … Muttonchop
  • Jakub Habarta Jakub Habarta … Slovak Bus Boy
  • Philip Waley Philip Waley … Alfie
  • Mark Taylor Mark Taylor … Brucey
  • Nick Roe Nick Roe … Stan
  • Roman Janecka Roman Janecka … Bottle Thrower
  • Natali Tothova Natali Tothova … Natalya Shemp
  • Sandy Style Sandy Style … Svetlana Shemp (as Petra Kubesova)
  • David Baxa David Baxa … Museum Tortury Guard (as Lord David Baxa)
  • Gabriel Roth Gabriel Roth … Sir Robert Wappus
  • Miroslav Hanus Miroslav Hanus … The Nasty Police Officer
  • Christopher Allen Nelson Christopher Allen Nelson … Dutch Police Officer
  • Josef Bradna Josef Bradna … The Butcher
  • Zina Blahusova Zina Blahusova … Girl
  • Katerina Cervenkova Katerina Cervenkova … Girl
  • Veronika Petrová Veronika Petrová … Girl
  • Kristina Kosunova Kristina Kosunova … Girl
  • Karel Hrosek Karel Hrosek … Girl
  • Mugi Lhagvadorj Mugi Lhagvadorj … Girl
  • Ashley Robbins Ashley Robbins … Girl (as Jana Semradova)
  • Hana Dibelkova Hana Dibelkova … Girl
  • Anita Queen Anita Queen … Girl (as Alena Chrastinova)

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