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Spider Man Movie Overview

In 2002, Spider Man was released to theaters. This movie followed Peter Parker as he began his journey to becoming the web slinger. The cast of this movie was amazing, and they pulled off a fantastic performance. The story line was engaging, and it kept audiences coming back to see what would happen next.

The sequel to Spider Man was released in 2004, and it once again featured an amazing cast. This movie followed Peter as he faced new challenges while trying to protect New York City from villains. The story line was exciting, and the performances were once again top-notch.

Spider Man 3 was released in 2007, and it marked a big change for the character. In this movie, Peter became overwhelmed with his powers and decided to give up being Spider Man.

Release date: May 3, 2002 (USA)
Director: Sam Raimi
Box office: 825 million USD
Awards: MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss, MORE
Nominations: MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss, MORE
Art directors: Tony Fanning, Scott P. Murphy, Stella Vaccaro, Steve Arnold

Spider Man Movie Cast List

  • Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire … Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe … Green Goblin / Norman Osborn
  • Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst … Mary Jane Watson
  • James Franco James Franco … Harry Osborn
  • Cliff Robertson Cliff Robertson … Ben Parker
  • Rosemary Harris Rosemary Harris … May Parker
  • J.K. Simmons J.K. Simmons … J. Jonah Jameson
  • Joe Manganiello Joe Manganiello … Flash Thompson
  • Gerry Becker Gerry Becker … Maximilian Fargas
  • Bill Nunn Bill Nunn … Joseph ‘Robbie’ Robertson
  • Jack Betts Jack Betts … Henry Balkan
  • Stanley Anderson Stanley Anderson … General Slocum
  • Ron Perkins Ron Perkins … Dr. Mendell Stromm
  • Michael Papajohn Michael Papajohn … Carjacker
  • K.K. Dodds K.K. Dodds … Simkins
  • Ted Raimi Ted Raimi … Hoffman
  • Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell … Ring Announcer
  • Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Banks … Betty Brant
  • John Paxton John Paxton … Houseman
  • Tim DeZarn Tim DeZarn … Philip Watson (as Tim deZarn)
  • Taylor Gilbert Taylor Gilbert … Madeline Watson
  • Randy Savage Randy Savage … Bone Saw McGraw
  • Larry Joshua Larry Joshua … Wrestling Promoter
  • Timothy Patrick Quill Timothy Patrick Quill … Wrestling Arena Guard
  • Lisa Danielle Lisa Danielle … Bone-ette
  • Natalie T. Yeo Natalie T. Yeo … Bone-ette
  • Erica D. Porter Erica D. Porter … Bone-ette
  • Kristen Davidson Kristen Davidson … Bone-ette
  • Jason Padgett Jason Padgett … Flash’s Crony
  • Shan Omar Huey Shan Omar Huey … Teacher
  • Sally Levi Sally Levi … Girl on Bus (as Sally Livingstone)
  • Evan Arnold Evan Arnold … Doctor
  • Jill Sayre Jill Sayre … Nurse
  • Jim Ward Jim Ward … Project Coordinator (as James K. Ward)
  • David Holcomb David Holcomb … Test Pilot
  • Octavia Spencer Octavia Spencer … Check-In Girl
  • Brad Grunberg Brad Grunberg … Heckler
  • Shane Habberstad Shane Habberstad … Little Billy
  • Deborah Wakeham Deborah Wakeham … Billy’s Mom
  • Rachael Bruce Rachael Bruce … Times Square Child
  • Mackenzie Bryce Mackenzie Bryce … Times Square Child
  • Julia Barry Julia Barry … Times Square Child
  • Macy Gray Macy Gray … Macy Gray
  • Myk Watford Myk Watford … Cop at Fire
  • Bill Calvert Bill Calvert … Fireman (as William Calvert)
  • Sylva Kelegian Sylva Kelegian … Mother at Fire
  • Kristen Marie Holly Kristen Marie Holly … Young Lady at Fire
  • Ajay Mehta Ajay Mehta … Cabbie
  • Peter Appel Peter Appel … Cabbie
  • Scott Spiegel Scott Spiegel … Marine Cop
  • Matt Smith Matt Smith … Cop at Carjacking
  • Sara Ramirez Sara Ramirez … Cop at Carjacking
  • Lucy Lawless Lucy Lawless … Punk Rock Girl
  • Jayce Bartok Jayce Bartok … Subway Guitarist
  • Maribel González Maribel González … Lady Dogwalker (as Maribel Gonzalez)
  • Amy Bouril Amy Bouril … Office Lady
  • Joseph D’Onofrio Joseph D’Onofrio … Opinionated Cop
  • Jim Norton Jim Norton … Surly Truck Driver
  • Corey Mendell Parker Corey Mendell Parker … Chaperone in Tram
  • Ashley Edner Ashley Edner … Girl in Tram (as Ashley Louise Edner)
  • William Joseph Firth William Joseph Firth … Boy in Tram
  • Alex Black Alex Black … Boy in Tram
  • Laura Gray Laura Gray … Tram Group Mother
  • Joe Virzi Joe Virzi … New Yorker on Bridge
  • Michael Edward Thomas Michael Edward Thomas … New Yorker on Bridge
  • Jeanie Fox Jeanie Fox … New Yorker on Bridge
  • Robert Kerman Robert Kerman … Tugboat Captain

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