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Forrest Gump Movie Overview

Forrest Gump is a novel and movie written by Winston Groom in 1994. The book tells the story of Forrest Gump, a man who spent his life running through life without really understanding it. He is swept up into events and meets people along the way who help him to learn more about himself, life, and love. The book was made into a movie in 1994 and won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director (Robert Zemeckis). Since then, it has been widely seen as one of the great movies of all time.

Release date: July 6, 1994 (USA)
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Box office: 678.2 million USD
Awards: Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, MORE
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, MORE
Art directors: Leslie McDonald, William James Teegarden

Forrest Gump Movie Cast List

  • Tom Hanks Tom Hanks … Forrest Gump
  • Rebecca Williams Rebecca Williams … Nurse at Park Bench
  • Sally Field Sally Field … Mrs. Gump
  • Michael Conner Humphreys Michael Conner Humphreys … Young Forrest
  • Harold G. Herthum Harold G. Herthum … Doctor (as Harold Herthum)
  • George Kelly George Kelly … Barber
  • Bob Penny Bob Penny … Crony
  • John Randall John Randall … Crony
  • Sam Anderson Sam Anderson … Principal
  • Margo Moorer Margo Moorer … Louise
  • Ione M. Telech Ione M. Telech … Elderly Woman
  • Christine Seabrook Christine Seabrook … Elderly Woman’s Daughter
  • John Worsham John Worsham … Southern Gentleman / Landowner
  • Peter Dobson Peter Dobson … Young Elvis Presley
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan Siobhan Fallon Hogan … School Bus Driver (as Siobhan J. Fallon)
  • Alexander Zemeckis Alexander Zemeckis … School Bus Boy
  • Logan Livingston Gomez Logan Livingston Gomez … School Bus Boy
  • Ben Waddel Ben Waddel … School Bus Boy
  • Elizabeth Hanks Elizabeth Hanks … School Bus Girl
  • Hanna Hall Hanna Hall … Young Jenny Curran (as Hanna R. Hall)
  • Tyler Long Tyler Long … Red Headed Boy
  • Christopher Jones Christopher Jones … Boy with Cross
  • Grady Bowman Grady Bowman … Fat Boy
  • Kevin Mangan Kevin Mangan … Jenny’s Father
  • Fay Genens Fay Genens … Jenny’s Grandmother
  • Frank Geyer Frank Geyer … Police Chief
  • Robin Wright Robin Wright … Jenny Curran
  • Rob Landry Rob Landry … Red Headed Teen
  • Jason McGuire Jason McGuire … Fat Teen
  • Pete Auster Pete Auster … Teen with Cross
  • Sonny Shroyer Sonny Shroyer … College Football Coach
  • Brett Rice Brett Rice … High School Football Coach
  • Ed Davis Ed Davis … High School Football Coach
  • Daniel C. Striepeke Daniel C. Striepeke … Recruiter (as Daniel Striepeke)
  • Bruce Lucvia Bruce Lucvia … Kick Off Return Player
  • David Brisbin David Brisbin … Newscaster
  • Kirk Ward Kirk Ward … Earl
  • Angela Lomas Angela Lomas … Black Student
  • Timothy Record Timothy Record … Black Student
  • Deborah McTeer Deborah McTeer … Woman with Child on Park Bench
  • Mark Matheisen Mark Matheisen … Jenny’s Date
  • Al Harrington Al Harrington … Local Anchor #1
  • Jed Gillin Jed Gillin … President Kennedy (voice)
  • Bob Harks Bob Harks … University Dean
  • Don Fischer Don Fischer … Army Recruiter
  • Kenneth Bevington Kenneth Bevington … Army Bus Driver
  • Michael Flannery Michael Flannery … Bus Recruit
  • Gary Robinson Gary Robinson … Bus Recruit
  • Mykelti Williamson Mykelti Williamson … Bubba Blue
  • Marlena Smalls Marlena Smalls … Bubba’s Mother
  • Kitty K. Green Kitty K. Green … Bubba’s Great Grandmother
  • Afemo Omilami Afemo Omilami … Drill Sergeant
  • Matt Wallace Matt Wallace … Barracks Recruit
  • Danté McCarthy Danté McCarthy … Topless Girl
  • Paulie DiCocco Paulie DiCocco … Emcee
  • Mike Jolly Mike Jolly … Club Patron
  • Michael Kemmerling Michael Kemmerling … Club Patron
  • John Voldstad John Voldstad … Club Patron
  • Jeffrey Winner Jeffrey Winner … Club Patron
  • Russ Wilson Russ Wilson … Pick-up Truck Driver
  • Daniel J. Gillooly Daniel J. Gillooly … Helicopter Gunman
  • Gary Sinise Gary Sinise … Lieutenant Dan Taylor
  • Calvin Gadsden Calvin Gadsden … Sergeant Sims
  • Aaron Izbicki Aaron Izbicki … Dallas
  • Michael Burgess Michael Burgess … Cleveland
  • Steven Griffith Steven Griffith … Tex
  • Bill Roberson Bill Roberson … Fat Man at Bench
  • Michael McFall Michael McFall … Army Hospital Male Nurse
  • Eric Underwood Eric Underwood … Mail Call Soldier
  • Steve DeRelian Steve DeRelian … Wounded Soldier (as Stephen Derelian)
  • Byron Minns Byron Minns … Wounded Soldier
  • Stephen Bridgewater Stephen Bridgewater … Hospital Officer (as Stephen Wesley Bridgewater)
  • Bonnie Ann Burgess Bonnie Ann Burgess … Army Nurse
  • Scott Oliver Scott Oliver … National Correspondent #1
  • John William Galt John William Galt … President Johnson (voice)
  • Hilary Chaplain Hilary Chaplain … Hilary
  • Isabel Rose Isabel Rose … Isabel
  • Jay Ross Jay Ross … Veteran at War Rally
  • Richard D’Alessandro Richard D’Alessandro … Abbie Hoffman
  • Dick Stilwell Dick Stilwell … Policeman at War Rally
  • Kevin Davis Kevin Davis … Black Panther
  • Michael Jace Michael Jace … Black Panther
  • Geoffrey Blake Geoffrey Blake … Wesley
  • Tim Perry Tim Perry … Hippie at Commune
  • Vanessa Roth Vanessa Roth … Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend
  • Emily Carey Emily Carey … Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend
  • Paul Raczkowski Paul Raczkowski … Man in VW Bug
  • Valentine Valentine … Chinese Ping Pong Player (as Valentino)
  • Dick Cavett Dick Cavett … Dick Cavett
  • Joe Stefanelli Joe Stefanelli … John Lennon (voice)
  • Tiffany Salerno Tiffany Salerno … Carla
  • Marla Sucharetza Marla Sucharetza … Lenore
  • Aloysius Gigl Aloysius Gigl … Musician Boyfriend
  • Jack Bowden Jack Bowden … National Correspondent #4
  • Joe Alaskey Joe Alaskey … President Nixon (voice)
  • Lazarus Jackson Lazarus Jackson … Discharge Officer
  • W. Benson Terry W. Benson Terry … Stanley Loomis
  • Matt Rebenkoff Matt Rebenkoff … Drugged Out Boyfriend
  • Peter Bannon Peter Bannon … Local Correspondent #2
  • The Hallelujah Singers of Beaufort South Carolina The Hallelujah Singers of Beaufort South Carolina … Church Choir
  • Joe Washington Joe Washington … Local Anchor #2
  • Nora Dunfee Nora Dunfee … Elderly Southern Woman
  • Natalie Hendrix Tate Natalie Hendrix Tate … Local Anchor #3 (as Nathalie Hendrix)
  • Hallie D’Amore Hallie D’Amore … Waitress in Cafe
  • Chiffonye Cobb Chiffonye Cobb … Hannibal Reporter
  • Juan Singleton Juan Singleton … Hannibal Reporter
  • Bobby Richardson Bobby Richardson … Hannibal Reporter
  • Michael Mattison Michael Mattison … Taxi Driver
  • Lenny Herb Lenny Herb … Young Man Running
  • Charles Boswell Charles Boswell … Aging Hippie
  • Timothy McNeil Timothy McNeil … Wild Eyed Man (as Tim McNeil)
  • Haley Joel Osment Haley Joel Osment … Forrest Junior
  • Lonnie Hamilton Lonnie Hamilton … The Minister
  • Teresa Denton Teresa Denton … Lieutenant Dan’s Fiancée

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