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immortals movie download in hindi

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Immortals Movie Overview

In the upcoming movie, Immortals, directed by Tarsem Singh, a group of young people find themselves in danger when they discover a mysterious cave that holds a secret powerful enough to destroy the world. With their lives on the line, they must use all their skills to survive and find out who is behind this threat. The cast includes Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), Henry Cavill (Man of Steel), Alexander Skarsgard (Pirates of Caribbean), and Olivia Wilde (House).

The film is set for release on May 22nd, 2016.

Release date: November 11, 2011 (USA)
Director: Tarsem Singh
Box office: 226.9 million USD
Art directors: Nate Fredenburg, Félix Larivière-Charron, Michael Manson, Jean Kazemirchuk, Michele Laliberte
Budget: 75 million USD, 115 million USD
Casting directors: Joseph Middleton, Andrea Kenyon, Randi Wells

Immortals Movie Cast List

  • Henry Cavill Henry Cavill … Theseus
  • Mickey Rourke Mickey Rourke … King Hyperion
  • Stephen Dorff Stephen Dorff … Stavros
  • Freida Pinto Freida Pinto … Phaedra
  • Luke Evans Luke Evans … Zeus
  • John Hurt John Hurt … Old Man
  • Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan … Lysander
  • Anne Day-Jones Anne Day-Jones … Aethra (as Anne Day Jones)
  • Greg Bryk Greg Bryk … The Monk
  • Alan Van Sprang Alan Van Sprang … Dareios
  • Peter Stebbings Peter Stebbings … Helios
  • Daniel Sharman Daniel Sharman … Ares
  • Isabel Lucas Isabel Lucas … Athena
  • Kellan Lutz Kellan Lutz … Poseidon
  • Steve Byers Steve Byers … Heracles
  • Stephen McHattie Stephen McHattie … Cassander
  • Matthew G. Taylor Matthew G. Taylor … Mondragon (King’s Guard)
  • Romano Orzari Romano Orzari … Icarus
  • Corey Sevier Corey Sevier … Apollo
  • Conrad Pla Conrad Pla … Jailer
  • Neil Napier Neil Napier … Beast Handler
  • Tyrone Benskin Tyrone Benskin … Hoplite Captain
  • Abdul Ayoola Abdul Ayoola … Kerkyon (Guard)
  • Dylan Smith Dylan Smith … Stephanos (as Dylan Scott Smith)
  • Robert Naylor Robert Naylor … Young Theseus
  • Mercedes Leggett Mercedes Leggett … High Priestess #2
  • Kaniehtiio Horn Kaniehtiio Horn … High Priestess #3
  • Ayisha Issa Ayisha Issa … High Priestess #4
  • Jason Cavalier Jason Cavalier … Heraklion Watchman / Hoplite Soldier #1
  • Danny Blanco Hall Danny Blanco Hall … Archon
  • Robert Maillet Robert Maillet … Minotaur
  • Akotene Chanoine Akotene Chanoine … Checkpoint Gatekeeper (as Alain Chanoine)
  • Edward Yankie Edward Yankie … Checkpoint Soldier
  • Gage Munroe Gage Munroe … Acamas
  • Aron Tomori Aron Tomori … Young Lysander
  • Marcello Bezina Marcello Bezina … Village Father
  • Roc Lafortune Roc Lafortune … Hoplite General (as Roc LaFortune)
  • Jade Larocque Jade Larocque … Young Virgin #1
  • Charlie Duret Charlie Duret … Young Virgin #2
  • Alisha Nagarsheth Alisha Nagarsheth … Young Phaedra
  • Makayla Jayde Makayla Jayde … Young Priestess #2 (as Makayla Jayde McManus-Leggett)
  • Madison McAleer Madison McAleer … Young Priestess #3

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