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Miss Peregrine movie download in hindi

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Miss Peregrine Movie Overview

Miss Peregrine is a 2017 American horror film directed by Tim Burton and written by screenwriter Donnie Darko screenwriter Tony Kushner. It is based on the novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs.

The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as John Grigg, a boy who moves to a small town in Northern England to live with his aunt and uncle, only to find that he has an uncanny ability toredict the future. In order to protect himself from the dark forces that will soon assail his community, Grigg must learn how to use his power and make friends in order to fight for peace.

The Miss Peregrine Movie Overview offers a comprehensive review of the film through its plot, acting, visuals and more. Our readers should be sure to read this analysis before making their final decision on whether or not they should watch Miss Peregrine.

Release date: September 29, 2016 (United Kingdom)
Director: Tim Burton
Box office: 296.5 million USD
Budget: 110 million USD
Nominations: People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie, MORE
Art directors: Jeffrey Mossa, Greg Berry, Rod McLean, Phil Harvey

Miss Peregrine Movie Cast List

  • Eva Green Eva Green … Miss Peregrine
  • Asa Butterfield Asa Butterfield … Jake
  • Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson … Barron
  • Judi Dench Judi Dench … Miss Avocet
  • Rupert Everett Rupert Everett … Ornithologist
  • Allison Janney Allison Janney … Dr. Golan
  • Chris O’Dowd Chris O’Dowd … Frank
  • Terence Stamp Terence Stamp … Abe
  • Ella Purnell Ella Purnell … Emma
  • Finlay MacMillan Finlay MacMillan … Enoch
  • Lauren McCrostie Lauren McCrostie … Olive
  • Hayden Keeler-Stone Hayden Keeler-Stone … Horace
  • Georgia Pemberton Georgia Pemberton … Fiona
  • Milo Parker Milo Parker … Hugh
  • Raffiella Chapman Raffiella Chapman … Claire
  • Pixie Davies Pixie Davies … Bronwyn
  • Joseph Odwell Joseph Odwell … Twin #1
  • Thomas Odwell Thomas Odwell … Twin #2
  • Cameron King Cameron King … Millard
  • Louis Davison Louis Davison … Victor
  • Kim Dickens Kim Dickens … Jake’s Mom
  • O-Lan Jones O-Lan Jones … Shelley
  • Aiden Flowers Aiden Flowers … 10 Year Old Jacob
  • Nicholas Oteri Nicholas Oteri … 6 Year Old Jacob
  • Helen Day Helen Day … Miss Edwards
  • Philip Philmar Philip Philmar … Mr. Archer
  • Jack Brady Jack Brady … Mr. Clark
  • Scott Handy Scott Handy … Mr. Gleeson
  • Jennifer Jarackas Jennifer Jarackas … Aunt Susie
  • George Vricos George Vricos … Uncle Bobby
  • Brooke Jaye Taylor Brooke Jaye Taylor … Aunt Judy
  • Cameron Greco Cameron Greco … Prettiest Teen Boy
  • Ella Wahlestedt Ella Wahlestedt … Prettiest Teen Girl
  • Andrew Fibkins Andrew Fibkins … Cousin Twin #1
  • Jack Fibkins Jack Fibkins … Cousin Twin #2
  • Nicholas Amer Nicholas Amer … Oggie
  • Ioan Hefin Ioan Hefin … Kev
  • Shaun Thomas Shaun Thomas … Dylan
  • Justin Davies Justin Davies … Worm
  • Nicholas McGaughey Nicholas McGaughey … 40’s Bartender
  • Lynn Hunter Lynn Hunter … 40’s First Woman
  • Ben Roberts Ben Roberts … 40’s First Old Man
  • Dafydd Hywel Dafydd Hywel … Isle – Farmer
  • Sophia Tailor Sophia Tailor … Little Girl
  • Harry Taylor Harry Taylor … Ride Operator
  • Dan Mersh Dan Mersh … 2016 Policeman #1
  • James Kermack James Kermack … 2016 Policeman #2
  • Steve Money Steve Money … Burley Bloke
  • Christine Dalby Christine Dalby … Uneasy Woman
  • Badria Timimi Badria Timimi … Police Woman

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