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The Last Warrior Movie Overview

This is the story of a warrior who sacrifices everything to protect his people from an enemy that wants to destroy them. The movie follows him as he fights alongside his friends and fellow warriors as they try to save their home and ending the threat posed by the enemy. The Last Warrior Movie is sure to leave an impression on viewers, and will allow them to understand just how special it is that these people can be entrusted with such a important task.

Release date: October 19, 2017 (Russia)
Director: Dmitriy Dyachenko
Cinematography: Sergey Trofimov
Awards: Golden Eagle Award for Best Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Effects
Nominations: Golden Eagle Award for Best Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Effects
Costume design: Marina Ananyeva, Irina Lunina

The Last Warrior Movie Cast List

  • Viktor Khorinyak Viktor Khorinyak … Ivan
  • Mila Sivatskaya Mila Sivatskaya … Vasilisa
  • Ekaterina Vilkova Ekaterina Vilkova … Varvara
  • Konstantin Lavronenko Konstantin Lavronenko … Koshchey
  • Elena Yakovleva Elena Yakovleva … Baba Yaga
  • Sergey Burunov Sergey Burunov … Vodyanoy
  • Evgeniy Dyatlov Evgeniy Dyatlov … Dobrynya
  • Timofey Tribuntsev Timofey Tribuntsev … Starets
  • Svetlana Kolpakova Svetlana Kolpakova … Molodaya Baba Yaga
  • Aleksandr Semchev Aleksandr Semchev … Chudo-Yudo
  • Yuriy Tsurilo Yuriy Tsurilo … Ilya Muromets
  • Wolfgang Cerny Wolfgang Cerny … Alyosha Popovich (as Volfgang Cherni)
  • Elena Valyushkina Elena Valyushkina … Galina
  • Yuriy Mirontsev Yuriy Mirontsev … Strazhnik 1
  • Maksim Dakhnenko Maksim Dakhnenko … Strazhnik 2
  • Oleg Chevelyov Oleg Chevelyov … Strazhnik 3 (as Oleg Chevelyov-Topol)
  • Igor Ivanov Igor Ivanov … Glavnyy strazhnik
  • Dmitriy Lysenkov Dmitriy Lysenkov … Strazhnik-neudachnik
  • Nikolay Shrayber Nikolay Shrayber … Tolstyy strazhnik
  • Alexander Seteykin Alexander Seteykin … Molodoy strazhnik (as Aleksandr Seteykin)
  • Andrey Rebenkov Andrey Rebenkov … Boyarin 1
  • Anton Dyorov Anton Dyorov … Boyarin 2
  • Igor Shternberg Igor Shternberg … Tyuremnyy nadziratel
  • Aleksandr Kukharenko Aleksandr Kukharenko … Bogatyr
  • Karina Zvereva Karina Zvereva … Devushka na priyome u Svyatozara
  • Ruslan Dzhaybekov Ruslan Dzhaybekov … Muzh zakazchitsy
  • Artyom Volobuyev Artyom Volobuyev … Politseyskiy 1
  • Sergey Kalashnikov Sergey Kalashnikov … Politseyskiy 2
  • Vladimir Lukyanchikov Vladimir Lukyanchikov … Okhrannik 1
  • Vladislav Stepchenko Vladislav Stepchenko … Okhrannik 2
  • Elena Lemeshko Elena Lemeshko … Vospitatelnitsa
  • Marina Zubanova Marina Zubanova … Poklonnitsa
  • Aleksey Dyakin Aleksey Dyakin … Brat poklonnitsy
  • Anna Galinova Anna Galinova … Medsestra
  • Igor Yashanin Igor Yashanin … Ivan v detstve
  • Artyom Bashenin Artyom Bashenin … Khuligan 1
  • Aleksey Onezhen Aleksey Onezhen … Khuligan
  • Gleb Blinov Gleb Blinov … Malchik v bolnitse
  • Marina Kaletskaya Marina Kaletskaya … Adminstrator
  • Ivan Zamotaev Ivan Zamotaev … Zvukovik
  • Natalya Varnakova Natalya Varnakova … Ofitsiantka
  • Lena Kuo Lena Kuo … Koldunya
  • Sergey Muravyov Sergey Muravyov … Rezhissyor
  • Sergey Safronov Sergey Safronov … Vedushchiy TV Show
  • Olga Venikova Olga Venikova … Devushka
  • Aleksey Serebryakov Aleksey Serebryakov … Kachok
  • Pavel Misailov Pavel Misailov … Tolstyak
  • Kseniya Samoylova Kseniya Samoylova … Uzintsa
  • Stepan Sereda Stepan Sereda … Malchik na piru
  • Liliya Lavrova Liliya Lavrova … Vedushchaya

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