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Sleep Tight Movie Overview

From the moment you open the door of your bedroom, it’s clear that you’re ready for bed. The light is off and the curtains are drawn, indicating that sleep is just a few blocks away.

Yet as soon as you close your eyes and let them relax, you feel like someone has yanked the rug from under your feet. You can’t get to sleep; instead, you’re wide awake and staring at the ceiling with an intense headache.

There’s no telling why this happens – maybe it was one of your recent movie watching practices that got mixed up with what was onscreen. Or maybe it’s just that your sleep routine has completely changed since last night. Whatever the cause, it’s time to cut back on screen time and get some rest.

So how can you fall asleep in style?

Release date: October 14, 2011 (Spain)
Director: Jaume Balagueró
Box office: 8.7 million USD
Art director: Javier Alvariño
Awards: Gaudí Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, MORE
Nominations: Goya Award for Best Actor, MORE

Sleep Tight Movie Cast List

  • Luis Tosar Luis Tosar … César
  • Marta Etura Marta Etura … Clara
  • Alberto San Juan Alberto San Juan … Marcos
  • Petra Martínez Petra Martínez … Sra. Verónica
  • Iris Almeida Iris Almeida … Úrsula (as Iris Almeida Molina)
  • Carlos Lasarte Carlos Lasarte … Vecino 4ºB
  • Amparo Fernández Amparo Fernández … Mujer de la limpieza
  • Roger Morilla Roger Morilla … Joven de la limpieza
  • Pep Tosar Pep Tosar … Padre de Úrsula
  • Margarita Roset Margarita Roset … Madre de César
  • Ruben Ametllé Ruben Ametllé … Trabajador Oficina 1
  • Manel Dueso Manel Dueso … Comisario (as Manuel Dueso)
  • Tony Corvillo Tony Corvillo … Policía 1
  • Ricard Sadurní Ricard Sadurní … Policía 2
  • Xavier Pujolràs Xavier Pujolràs … Policía 3
  • Oriol Genís Oriol Genís … Administrador
  • Iker López Iker López … Hermano de Úrsula
  • Dolors Vidal Dolors Vidal … Madre de Clara (as Lola Vidal)
  • Patricia Arredondo Patricia Arredondo … Criada
  • Xavier Calvet Xavier Calvet … Trabajador Oficina 2
  • Gemma Nierga Gemma Nierga … Radio de madrugada (voice)
  • Carles Pérez Carles Pérez … Radio despertador (voice)

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